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CRAPI is under maintenance right now.
Please, join our discord support server for future updates.

# Introduction

If you want to use CRAPI, you must have somewhere (where you use CRAPI in your project) visibly written that you are using CRAPI and put a link to the CRAPI website: here (the website is being completed.. soon there will be complete documentation, on how to use CRAPI to work properly).

# Where does CRAPI work?

CRAPI works almost everywhere. We have only tested JavaScript, PHP and Discord Bot Maker so far.

# How does CRAPI work?

It is really easy. CRAPI generates a json inside a PHP file that you can see for example as:

# 8ball:

{"status": "ok", "amount": 25, "response": "Generated text"}

# picture:

{"status": "ok", "amount": 25, "url": "Generated image link"}

If you found any problem with API, or need help with "installing" the API into your project, message me on discord: JustWolf#7967